New research could improve hearing for deaf people who cannot sufficiently benefit from traditional treatment.

New study shows significantly less swelling after ultrasound treatment.

U.S. News and World Report released its 2020 Best Graduate Schools rankings today and the University of Minnesota Medical School’s research ranking moved up from #46 to #43.

At first glance, symptoms for Autism and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) seem to have little in common.

February 28 marked national Rare Disease Day and this year the University of Minnesota decided to team up with affected families of rare diseases. 

The University of Minnesota is world renowned in both research and care for rare disease, and has a reputation for treating some of the most challenging pediatric cases that often would be turned away elsewhere. 

Ann Van de Winckel, PhD, MSPT, PT, has always held a passion for helping people. She first explored this route through physical therapy, knowing from the start that performing invasive procedures herself was not an interest of hers.

Her study found that those who received combined motor enhancing treatments had significantly improved hand function while also having very few if any side effects.

Perlingeiro’s lab, over several years, pioneered the development of muscle stem/progenitor cells from pluripotent stem cells in vitro.

Researchers create the first 3D in vitro model capable of isolating specific metastatic cells.