Current medical student Annika Deitermann shares her journey to U of M Medical School

Current medical student Michael Hagstrom shares his journey to U of M Medical School

Laura Sloan, MD, a fourth-year resident in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, has received the highest award granted to a resident in the country in forensic psychiatry, and it’s the first time a resident from Minnesota has earned it.

An alumnus, who started at the U of M Medical School, Duluth Campus, gives back to medical students by teaching a vaccination lecture series. He brings his experience from the clinic, which has informed how to talk with families concerned about vaccines or vaccination schedules.

Ramla Kasozi, MD, MPH, a third-year family medicine resident at the University of Minnesota Medical School, will serve as the newly elected Resident Director of Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians.

Mike Underwood, PhD, Branch Chief in CDC’s Division of Adolescent and School Health, may have first moved to Minnesota simply looking to earn a doctoral degree in pharmacology from the Department of Pharmacology, but he left the state after graduation with so much more—some lifelong friends, some invaluable skills and the ardent desire to pursue a career in an entirely different field.

Faculty member, Dr. Sandy Stover, Associate Professor Emerita, Dr. Ruth Westra and RPAP student, Sylvia Blomstrand, plus many others, teamed up with a local organization in April to host a Book Drive during COVID-19.

Maria Uloko, MD, releases new podcast, “Battle Cry,” to spotlight people of color in STEM—an acronym she uses for science, technology, engineering and medicine.

Barbara Schneidman, MD, MPH, earned the Medical School’s 2020 Distinguished Alumni Award, recognizing her for decades of service in many realms—from psychiatry and women’s health to medical education and medical licensure at the state and national levels.

University of Minnesota Medical School Department of Radiology resident, Ali Salavati, MD, MPH, was selected for the biannual 2020 Marc Tetalman, MD, Memorial Award. This award honors the research accomplishments of a young investigator who is pursuing a career in nuclear medicine.