The James Boulger, PhD, Endowed Scholarship has allowed Lillian Meierhoff, U of M Medical School class of 2023, to focus on becoming a compassionate doctor without stressing about money.

Shahriar’s project focuses on what he calls a “hidden” form of diversity within medical education: socioeconomics.

This research found the lack of inclusivity and awareness within clinic environments in rural Minnesota as a barrier to primary care access for LGBTQ patients.

The award is in recognition of a student who has shown a continued commitment to serving the Latinx community and other underrepresented minority patient populations.

Family medicine doctors, Dr. Power and Dr. Hallberg, create an elective course highlighting the importance of the arts in medicine.

Denise Quintanilla has always known that medicine is her passion. Her scholarships have helped those dreams become a reality.

Two medical students find engaging ways to highlight the importance of understanding community in clinical care.

Tolu Odebunmi and Steffi Masilamani, who founded the IMG Social Group in 2019, are handing off the reins to a new leadership team.

Habib Salama, PsyD, has joined the Office of Learner Development as the next Postdoctoral Fellow in Counseling Psychology. This addition increases the number of medical students able to receive mental health support.

The Intro to Rural Family Medicine and Native American Health (IRFMNAH) course is a collaborative academic experience where students get real-life training that introduces both rural medicine and Native American health.