His work as an emergency responder put medical care into perspective for him.

Trainees in the Program in Sports Medicine have the opportunity to gain experience through numerous high-level events held throughout the year.

If you’ve ever read the iconic Harry Potter novels, you may recognize the concept of a house system. Hogwarts is divided into subunits, called “houses,” (like Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Gryffindor and Ravenclaw in the Harry Potter realm) where each individual student is placed upon enrollment.

Olivia Ondigi’s decision to pursue medicine was based on her own personal experience with the healthcare system.

Anna Wojcicki was one of 22 medical students selected to participate.

On July 31, Cardio Palooza broke records and brought in more than 200 scholars from throughout the University, including 84 poster presenters and 36 faculty judges.

Megan is one of several music students who perform various instruments (piano, flute, violin, piano, cello) for patients in the lobby of the CSC as part of the new class called “Music Outreach in Healthcare Settings.”

The Duluth Campus Family Medicine Interest Group was named the 2019 Program of Excellence at the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) National Conference for the second year.

In honor of Pride Month, MS2 Duluth Campus student, Mitchell Moe, reflects on his own experiences growing up in rural Minnesota as an LGBTQ+ individual and the need for equality in medicine.

Today Graduate Medical Education welcomes our new residents and fellows.