Support for learning health systems research and researchers is critical to advancing the goals of CLHSS. This support allows new research to be integrated with external evidence, and that knowledge put into practice, continuing the learning health system cycle and resulting in higher quality, safer, more efficient care for patients.

We are currently continuing to develop our external grant portfolio. Learn more about current awards that are helping to make an impact:

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Evaluation of the SCALED Approach

The R18 project will adapt a currently deployed CDS system to also deliver a VTE prevention guideline for adult patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI). Our overall goal is to successfully scale, evaluate, and maintain an interoperable TBI CDS across our 4-institution collaborative network.

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Despite a rapid increase in applications of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in society, the rate of adoption in medicine is lagging other areas. Our aim is to develop computational approaches providing individualized reliability, harms, and benefits (ENTRUST AI Platform), which is a suite of models that tracks the reliability of the clinical AI predictions and predicts patient-specific harms and benefits from interventions. 

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“This center is about our readiness — so much is going in this direction. This is a platform for faculty to really improve things and transform healthcare.”