Practice-Based Research Network


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Facilitating practice-based research and innovation guided by community, providers and staff, and stakeholders in primary care

Partnering with CLHSS, the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health (DFMCH) Practice-Based Research Network (PBRN) is expanding to the M Health Fairview Primary Care Service Line (PCSL). 

The PCSL PBRN’s core objectives are to:

1. create a network of primary care clinics across the state promoting and conducting research that matters in daily practice and that is community-driven, and

2. provide an interface for implementation scientists and experts to support key projects and evaluations, including rapid response trials and recruitment into primary care studies,

3. increase scholarly publications, and collaborations between clinicians, research faculty, and patients and community members, and

4. implement learnings from research back into primary care faster than the typical research cycle.

Building connections throughout M Health Fairview and the community is vital to the success of the PBRN. With the guidance of M Health Fairview's Community Health Equity and Engagement team and the Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI)'s Community Engagement to Advance Research and Community Health (CEARCH) team, community members have the opportunity to drive PCSL PBRN work and priorities.

By embedding research into daily primary care practice, the PCSL PBRN opens opportunities for participation in all aspects of research to diverse and often under-served populations.

To learn more about the network of PBRNs at the University of Minnesota, visit the PBRN website.

PBRN People

PBRN Leadership

  • Program Director, Jerica Berge, PhD, MPH, LMFT, CFLE
  • Manager, Kristin Boman, MPH

PBRN Core Members

  • Research Facilitator, Samantha Alch, MPH
  • Research Facilitator, Chloe Botsford