2017-2018 Trainees

  • James Leathers (Vanderbilt University) working with Dr. Jose Debes in Cordoba, Argentina on research studies on Hepatitis E in immunosuppressed hosts.
  • Alex Rowan (Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University) working with Dr. William Stauffer in Kampala, Uganda on mental health screening and diagnostic tools for refugee populations.
  • Ali Sawani (Central Florida University) working with Dr. Katherine Anderson in Bangkok, Thailand on numerous infectious disease studies.
  • Lye-Yeng Wong (Dartmouth University) working with Dr. Jason Baker in Cape Town, South Africa on HIV research studies.

2016-2017 Trainees

  • Sarah Bridge (University of Utah) working with Dr. David Boulware in Mbarara, Uganda
  • Philip Bystrom (University of Western Michigan) working with Dr. David Boulware in Mbarara, Uganda and Bangkok, Thailand
    • "Diagnostic accuracy of Xpert MTB/RIF Ultra for tuberculous meningitis in HIV-infected adults: a prospective cohort study." Publication
    • "Hemolytic uremic syndrome caused by E. coli O157 infection." Publication
  • John Diehl (Emory University) working with Sarah Cusick, PhD in Kampala, Uganda

2015-2016 Trainees

  • Andrew Flynn (University of Colorado) working with Dr. David Boulware in Kampala, Uganda
    • "Coca-Cola's multifaceted threat to global public health." Publication
    • "Treatment-based risk factors for tuberculosis drug resistance in Bolivia" 46th Union World Conference on Lung Health, Cape Town, South Africa. Dec 5, 2015.
    • "Socioeconomic position, survival and viral suppression in a ten-year follow-up cohort of Ugandan patients receiving antiretroviral therapy." 21st International AIDS Conference, Durban, South Africa. July 19, 2016
    • "Evolving Failures in the Delivery of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Care: Lessons From a Ugandan Meningitis Cohort 2006-2016." Publication
  • Ericka Jaramillo (Mount Sinai Medical School) working with Sarah Cusick, PhD in Kampala, Uganda
    • "Delaying the start of iron until 28 days after antimalarial treatment is associated with lower incidence of subsequent illness in children with malaria and iron deficiency." Publication
  • Nicole Stephens (Wake Forest University) working with Drs. Anne Frosch and David Boulware in Kampala, Uganda

2014-2015 Trainees

  • Casey Sautter (UMN), working in Kampala, Uganda with Chandy John on his study: 
    • Novel use of hydroxyurea in an African region with malaria: Protocol for a randomized controlled clinical trial. Publication
  • Chandler Villaverde (Brown University), working in Kampala, Uganda with Chandy John on his study, "Neurodevelopmental Outcomes in Children with Severe Malaria"
  • Wendy Fujita (Emory University), working in Kampala, Uganda with David Boulware and Kirsten Nielsen: 
    • "Antimicrobial Resistance in Uganda and the Urgent Need for Standardized Reporting and a National Surveillance Program" (invited presentation to CDC Antimicrobial Resistance Taskforce)

2013-2014 Trainees

  • Oludare Odumade (UMN), working in Kisumu, Kenya with Chandy John
    • Decrease in Numbers of Naive and Resting B Cells in HIV-Infected Kenyan Adults Leads to a Proportional Increase in Total and Plasmodium falciparum–Specific Atypical Memory B Cells. Publications
  • Jonathan Dyal (Johns Hopkins), working in Kampala, Uganda with David Boulware and Kirsten Nielsen: 
    • Reproducibility of CSF quantitative culture methods for estimating rate of clearance in cryptococcal meningitis. Publication
    • Leptospira seroprevalence and risk factors in health center patients in Hoima district, Western Uganda. Publication
  • Elissa Butler (UMN), working in Kampala, Uganda with David Boulware: 
    • Multisite validation of cryptococcal antigen lateral flow assay and quantification by laser thermal contrast. Publication
    • Pilot study of a population-based survey to assess the prevalence of surgical conditions in Uganda. Publication
    • Blood utilization at a national referral hospital in sub-Saharan Africa. Publication

    • Surgeons Overseas Assessment of Surgical Need (SOSAS) Uganda: Update for Household Survey. Publication

    • Geospatial analysis of unmet pediatric surgical need in Uganda. Publication
    • Epidemiology of pediatric surgical needs in low-income countries. Publication
    • Quantifying the pediatric surgical need in Uganda: results of a nationwide cross-sectional, household survey. Publication
    • Burden of Surgical Conditions in Uganda: A Cross-sectional Nationwide Household Survey. Publication
    • Improving surgical access in rural Africa through a surgical camp model. Publication