Faculty Awards

Regions Hospital faculty has ample experience leading programs and initiatives designed to promote careers in hospital medicine.

Society of Hospital Medicine National Awards


HealthPartners National SHM Award Winners

Tom Yacovella | Jerome Siy | Burke Kealey

SHM Award for Clinical Excellence

  • Burke Kealey: 2003
  • Shaun Frost: 2006
  • Jerome Siy: 2009
  • Rick Hilger: 2018
SHM Award for Excellence in Teaching
  • Thomas Yacovella: 2006
SHM Award for Outstanding Service in Hospital Medicine
  • Rusty Holman: 2002

Local Awards

HealthPartners Presidents Award

  • Miguel Ruiz: 2006
  • Rose Quirk and Jon White: 2009

HealthPartners Excellence in Education Award

  • Rick Hilger: 2008

U of M Department of Medicine and Medicine/Pediatrics 
Teacher of the Year

  • Miguel Ruiz: 2004, 2007
  • Thomas Yacovella: 1998, 2001, 2003, 2011

HealthPartners | Regions Hospital Leadership

  • Burke Kealey: Associate Medical Director, HPMG
  • Jerome Siy: Department Head, Hospital Medicine, HealthPartners
  • Jason Robertson: Chief of Hospital Medicine, Regions Hospital
  • Jim Risser: Medical Director, Palliative Care, Regions Hospital
  • Rick Hilger: Chief of Staff--past, Regions Hospital
  • Sara Spilseth, Medical Director, Chief of Staff--elect, Regions Hospital