Internal Medicine Education Conferences & Workshops

Resident conferences are a true strength of our program - they are high quality and very well attended. 

Some of the highlights include:

Morning Report

Although the time varies from site to site, the format is the same.

  • Chief residents choose an interesting case with good teaching points - a recent patient workup from the hospital or clinic (not “what came in last night”).

  • All are welcome to attend and participate - medical students, interns, and residents.

  • Chiefs residents guide an interactive discussion about the case to facilitate development of clinical reasoning skills.

Morbidity and Mortality

  • An interesting or unusual case is presented; for example, a case where a delay in diagnosis or an unanticipated outcome occurred.

  • Faculty members lead the discussion, although residents are welcome to join in.

  • The favorite conference among all three sites.

Noon Conference

Also called Core Series

  • A series of didactics, presented at all three sites, on basic Internal Medicine topics.

  • Topics pertaining to outpatient medicine (evaluation of headache, common GYN complaints) are mostly in the Adult Health Care block.

Special Topics

Communication Assessment and Skills Exercise (CASE)
This OSCE-format workshop takes place during intern orientation in June. It was developed here at the University of Minnesota by VA faculty member Craig Roth, MD. Practice those difficult skills of delivering bad news, discussing code status, dealing with an angry patient—before the real thing occurs!

Continuity Clinic Curriculum
At the start of each clinic session, your preceptor will conduct an interactive case-based 15-minute teaching session on an ambulatory topic. The case is then posted on the website with links to references and further reading.

CPC (Clinicopathological Cases)
Each month, faculty from the Department of Medicine facilitate a session focused on the explicit development of clinical reasoning using published Clinical Problem Solving Cases. Learners are divided into groups and then work sequentially through a case with intermittent facilitation and lively discussion. Learners gain not only specific medical knowledge but also about their own decision-making processes.


Intern Workshops

Palliative Care Workshop

Topics discussed during this workshop includes Introduction to Palliative Care and Hospice, Cancer Pain Management, Advance Directives and Advance Care Planning, Communication Skills and Group Work on Difficult Conversations

High Value Care Workshop

This workshop focuses on focuses on teaching the best possible ways to care for patients while simultaneously reducing unnecessary costs to the healthcare system.

Professionalism Workshop

This is organized by the Department of Medicine and is a venue to share past experiences about professionalism and uncomfortable experiences, then to come up with ways to handle similar situations, as well as to commit to higher standards.

Essentials of Ambulatory Care Workshop

This is a multidisciplinary workshop with members from various other specialties (Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Pharmacy, NP, nursing) discuss the essential skills to provide best care for patients in ambulatory setting.

Transition to Senior Resident Workshop

This a year-end workshop for interns who are about to begin their months as senior residents. They discuss various leadership skills and learn about teaching techniques.

Senior Workshop

Following are the senior resident specific workshops:

High Value Care
Advanced Palliative Care