Train Me Up Acute Exercise Substudy

Acute Effects of Exercise on Muscle Metabolism

University of Minnesota study is looking for healthy participants to see how acute exercise may alter muscle metabolism. We are looking for healthy people (Age 18-45) who are otherwise in good health. The study will involve 2 outpatient visits (one visit is 2 hours, one visit is 5 hours) at the University of Minnesota.

The first visit will involve measuring your fitness by having you exercise on a treadmill. At the second visit, we will measure your leg muscle metabolism by sampling your muscle using a small needle in an outpatient procedure with local anesthesia before, immediately after, and 2 hours after acute exercise. (3 biopsies total). The exercise will be supervised walking/jogging on a treadmill for about 40 minutes ( 2 sessions of 20 minutes, separated by 5 minutes). Each muscle sample will be roughly the size of 2 pencil erasers. This is a well-established technique which has been performed on high-level athletes for muscle evaluation and has been performed previously in studies looking at acute exercise. The purpose of this study is to see how acute exercise affects muscle fat turnover.

Study Requirements

  • Asked to visit the University of Minnesota 2 times, to include
    • 1 screening visit
    • 1 visit to assess metabolism
  • Running capacity and muscle fat content (by needle sampling of the muscle) will be assessed
  • Expected participation is approximately 2 weeks