Climate Health Action Program


To protect the health of our patients from climate impacts and deliver healthcare sustainably


  • Provide education to medical students, residents and providers on geographically specific climate-health impacts
  • Counsel patients on protecting themselves from health impacts of climate change
  • Implement projects that reduce the carbon footprint of the healthcare system while providing safe and effective care to patients
  • Develop community partnerships to develop implementation research projects
  • Advocate for clean climate policies that yield immediate and sustained health benefits to our patients while preserving planetary health


Laalitha Surapaneni, Co-Chair

Brian Hilliard, Co-Chair

Carol Kampa & Menu Vue, Division of Internal Medicine Internal Sustainability Coordinator

Lindsey Otte,  Building Efficiency


  1. Safety and sustainability impacts of isolation gown use in inpatient settings
    Synopsis: This project aims to elicit the safety and efficacy of isolation gowns in the inpatient setting while simultaneously addressing the cost-benefit analysis of using single-use isolation gowns.
  2. Reducing paper use at Clinics and Surgical Center
    Synopsis: Appointments are routinely confirmed by paper mail. This project aims to reduce paper use by promoting electronic media for communication.