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Gap Funding Award: Department of Medicine

Each year when budget permits, the Department makes funds available to help cover gaps in research funding resulting from the need to submit a grant revision. This mechanism is intended to provide subsistence-level support on a temporary basis to maintain lab operations at a minimal basis for up to 1 year. Funds cannot be used for faculty salary support. Funds are limited and will be dispersed on a merit basis, as assessed by a study section mechanism.



a) Stage of Career Assistant > Associate > Professor

b) Need

Proposed Budget
Access to Other Funds

c) Future Promise

Last Productivity
Current Activity
Division Chief Recommendation

d) Imminent Funding Likely

Percentile Score
Revised Application

e) Department Priorities

Application Mechanism

Each application will consist of the funding agency critique including score and %ile (must be the critique in its entirety); a point by point response including the experiments to be done to respond to the critique and their itemized cost (3 page limit); and a letter of support from the division director delineating the division’s contribution (1 page limit). Return completed applications to the Vice Chair for Research by one of the following application deadlines: March 1, July 1, November 1.

Terms of Support

A favorable decision will be accompanied by a decision as to how much support will be provided. Funding will commence when needed, generally one day after the end of the previous sponsored funding cycle or after complete expenditures of funds carried forward by a no-cost extension, whichever is later. Funding is intended to be temporary and will last no longer than twelve months. The investigator must agree to return any unexpended funds to the Department’s Gap Funding account, prorated to when funding from the intended sponsor is obtained.