Pictured: University of Minnesota biomedical summer research students with Jon Gottesman (left), BGREAT director & Life Sciences Summer Undergraduate Research Program (LSSURP) co-director.

Diversity Improves Our Research

The Biomedical Sciences graduate programs are committed to increasing the impact and quality of its faculty and graduate students. The contributions of scientists whose backgrounds encompass diversity in culture, disability, ethnicity, gender, and economic background are vital to our creative and productive research environment.

Incorporating diversity in our community, curriculum and research are essential for improving the health and knowledge of all, especially those from historically under-represented and disadvantaged groups.

As a part of this strategy, we strive to provide a learning environment that supports all of our students during their training. Together with the Graduate School Diversity Office, we offer a list of resources on student and community organizations as well as cultural resources.

Why We're Here