Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can’t complete my application in one sitting?

If you need to complete your application at a later time, close out of your browser (Quit the program).  Your information will be saved where you left off by pressing the "Save & Continue" button at any time.  To get back into the application, click on "Complete Online Application" again and login using the same email and password that you registered with.  If you still have difficulties, you might need to clear your browsers cache.

Can I apply to more than one LSSURP Program?

Yes, you can apply to up to 3 programs and rank them in order of preference on the online application.

What if I will have graduated prior to the start of the LSSURP?

If you will have graduated by the time the summer program starts, you are no longer eligible for the LSSURP.

Who should write my reference letters?

We strongly prefer letters from someone who you did research under (preferably a faculty member) and it can be from any institution that they are affiliated with. Letters from faculty members that have taught your classes are also encouraged. Letters from high school teachers/friends are not advised. We are looking for someone who can write a letter that can speak to your ability to do research, work well in a team, knows your career and educational goals, and can summarize your skills to be successful in the program. However, we don't decline letters from anyone, so if you feel that someone not in these categories would provide you with the best letter, we will accept a letter from them. 

How many applications does the LSSURP Receive and how many students are accepted?

The LSSURP receives ~450 applications on average and accepts an average of ~75 students per summer.

Is the LSSURP only for underrepresented students?

The LSSURP is not exclusively for underrepresented students, we accept all students from all backgrounds. We do wish to help the scientific community become more diverse and therefore often accept students from these backgrounds.

Is there a GPA requirement?

We review applications holistically, meaning the personal statement and diversity statement can compensate for the difference in GPA.

What does the average day look like for an LSSURP student?

LSSURP is a full time summer undergraduate research opportunity. This means that the students work full time in the lab (40 hours a week) and we have additional seminars and activities planned a couple evenings throughout the week every week. There are no set hours for the lab, each lab runs different. During the first week of the LSSURP, the LSSURP student determines what hours are best with the PI (8-4, 9-5, etc.).

Can I participate in LSSURP more than one year?

Yes, we’ve had many participants participate for more than one year. However, acceptance is not automatic and a completed application must be submitted for review.

Is there an application fee for LSSURP?

No, there is no fee to apply for LSSURP.

Will I be compensated for participating in LSSURP?

Yes, the LSSURP pays a $4,000 stipend, pays for travel expenses, and room and board for the summer for most programs.

What faculty members are involved in LSSURP?

We have many different faculty members involved with mentoring LSSURP students. The exact mentor list changes on a yearly basis. Here are the 2020 mentors and their research for the Pre-MSTP program. Additionally, you can look at the poster titles for the LSSURP participants from 2019, and their faculty mentor’s name is included. View past LSSURP participants

Will my travel expenses be covered if I live out of state?

Yes, most LSSURP programs will cover roundtrip travel to and from your institution or hometown.

If I live near campus do I have to stay in the dorms?

No, it is highly recommended though. Students who live in the dorms tend to form a more tight knit community. Also, housing funds cannot be transferred, meaning that we can’t use the money that would’ve been spent on the dorm on your rent.

Do I get to pick the person I am staying with in the dorms?

No, the University matches roommates. 

Will food be provided for us throughout the program?

Yes! Most programs have an unlimited meal plan plus ~$280 in flexdine. Flexdine is money that can be spent at on campus venues. The programs that don’t have a meal plan get $400 in flexdine. Additionally, commuter meals are available. These allow our participants to pack a lunch from the dorm to bring with them for later. In addition to the meal plan and flexdine, many of our programmed events include food. For example, our two bioethics sessions have catered jimmy johns and chipotle.

What other events will we be participating in during LSSURP?

We have many different events. A professional development series, ethics seminars, personal statement critiques, a weekly meeting in a small group to practice your presentation skills, and many community building events like an on campus orientation and a picnic. To see a full list, please go to the participant events page.

Do I have to have done research previously to be considered for acceptance to the LSSURP program?

No, you do not have to have research experience prior to LSSURP.