The Life Sciences Summer Undergraduate Research Programs (LSSURP) were established in 1989 to expose qualified students in the life sciences to the University of Minnesota. The LSSURP is a group of multidisciplinary programs that attract students from more than 200 undergraduate institutions, all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

The objectives of the programs are to help increase the:

  • Number of undergraduates who earn graduate or professional degrees in life sciences disciplines
  • Diversity of professionals working in life sciences fields in business, industry, government, and academia
  • Diversity of the graduate student population in life sciences disciplines at the University of Minnesota

To accomplish these objectives, highly capable undergraduate students are selected to participate in a ten-week intensive research project under the direction of a University of Minnesota faculty mentor. In addition to the research activities, each student participates in a small peer group seminar where each student describes his/her project and reports on progress.

Community-building activities include an orientation event prior to the beginning of the summer, seminars about ethical and professioanl issues in the research environment, as well as numerous weekend social activities. At the end of the summer, each student prepares and presents a professional quality poster at the LSSURP poster symposium, which is followed by a closing program. During their summer of involvement students experience the culture of laboratory or field research in a research-oriented academic community.

These experiences often have a significant impact on subsequent professional and/or career choices. Through participation in LSSURP students can personally observe and experience the University of Minnesota and thereby become familiar with the outstanding academic opportunities as well as the exceptional quality of life available in Minnesota.