Campus and Student Organizations

Graduate success can be enhanced by engagement with groups, activities and events outside of the graduate curriculum. The University offers many official programs and student organizations that are available to students to meet their interests. The following lists contain some of these resources.

If you are aware of groups, clubs, events, etc that you feel are of interests to others, please submit information to:

General Resources

Resources for African American and Black Students

Resources for Students Living with Disabilities

The decision to disclose to your graduate program that you have a disability is completely up to each individual. The resources below are available to assist you in obtaining assistance and accommodations for your disability. They will not share information with your graduate program without your permission. The Biomedical Sciences Graduate Programs believe strongly in the value of the contributions that persons living with disabilities bring to their programs and they attach no stigma to students who need accommodations. The Programs encourage your making use of the excellent support resources offered by the University.

Resources for International Students