Visit Schedules

LCME Site Visit

As a part of the LCME Accreditation process, an ad hoc survey team will visit the University of Minnesota Medical School in Summer 2020. The survey team will review our accreditation documents including the Data Collection Instrument (DCI), Independent Student Analysis report (ISA), and the 35-page Executive Summary, and other relevant data (ie AAMC GQ). The result of the Site Visit will be a survey team report with an accreditation status for the school.

The Site Visit schedule and participant can be found here

LCME Mock Site Visit

In preparation for our Site Visit, consultants visited the University of Minnesota Medical School from January 26-29, 2020 to conduct a Mock Site Visit. This visit was meant to mirror the actual site visit as closely as possible and to prepare students, faculty, and administration for what to expect during the site visit. The Mock Site Visit was a great success and will prepare us for the upcoming Site Visit. Preparation materials for the Site Visit will incorporate feedback given during the Mock Visit and we thank you for your participation!

The Mock Site Visit schedule and participant list can be found here