Ayomide R. Ojebuoboh

UMN MSTP student Ayomide Ojebuoboh

Email: ojebu001@umn.edu

Entering Class: 2021

Boston University
Mathematics major, Public Health minor
B.A., 2020

Ayomide is currently in the first year of Graduate School training and is in the process of selecting a thesis advisor.


Ojebuoboh AR, Gonzalez-Feliciano AG, Brown KM, Khan RJ, Xu R, DeRoo LA, Lewis J, Quarells RC, Davis SK. Association of active coping to unfair treatment with perceived stress and depressive symptoms in African Americans: mh-grid study. BMC Psychiatry. 2022 Feb 21;22(1):134.

Prokosch C, Fertig AR, Ojebuoboh AR, Trofholz AC, Baird M, Young M, de Brito JN, Kunin-Batson A, Berge JM. Exploring associations between social determinants of health and mental health outcomes in families from socioeconomically and racially and ethnically diverse households. Prev Med. 2022 Aug;161:107150.