Adrianna M. Rivera-León

UMN MSTP student Adrianna Rivera-Leon


Entering Class: 2021

University of Puerto Rico – Rio Piedras
Cellular and Molecular Biology major
B.S., 2019

Adrianna is currently in the second year of Medical School training and is rotating through labs while preparing to select a thesis advisor.


For work prior to the UMN MSTP:

Hubler Z, Friedrich RM, Sax JL, Allimuthu D, Gao F, Rivera-León AM, Pleshinger MJ, Bederman I, Adams DJ. Modulation of lanosterol synthase drives 24,25-epoxysterol synthesis and oligodendrocyte formation. Cell Chem Biol. 2021 Jun 17;28(6):866-875.e5. PMCID: PMC8217109