Germán L. Vélez Reyes

Germán Vélez Reyes


Entering Class:


University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras
Interdisciplinary Studies in Natural Sciences major, Political Science minor 
B.S., 2011

University of Minnesota
Microbiology, Immunology and Cancer Biology Graduate Program
Ph.D., 2019

MSTP Student Governance:

  • Student Advisory Committee 2014-2016

Thesis Advisor: David Largaespada, Ph.D.

Thesis Research

A multi-organ approach to the role of RSPO2 in carcinogenesis.


For work prior to entering the U of MN MSTP:

Rivera-Peña B, Ruíz-Fullana FJ, Vélez-Reyes GL, Rodriguez-Benitez RJ, Marcos-Martínez MJ, Trinidad-Pinedo J, Báez A. HPV-16 infection modifies overall survival of Puerto Rican HNSCC patients. Infect Agent Cancer. 2016 Aug 24;11(1):47. PMCID: PMC4995614

Danahay H, Pessotti AD, Coote J, Montgomery BE, Xia D, Wilson A, Yang H, Wang Z, Bevan L, Thomas C, Petit S, London A, LeMotte P, Doelemeyer A, Vélez-Reyes GL, Bernasconi P, Fryer CJ, Edwards M, Capodieci P, Chen A, Hild M, Jaffe AB. Notch2 is required for inflammatory cytokine-driven goblet cell metaplasia in the lung. Cell Rep. 2015 Jan 13;10(2):239-52.