Paarth B. Dodhiawala

UMN MSTP student Paarth Dodhiawala


Entering Class: 2021

Saint Louis University
Biology major
B.S., 2017

Paarth is currently in the second year of Medical School training and is rotating through labs while preparing to select a thesis advisor.


For work prior to the UMN MSTP:

Khurana N, Dodhiawala PB, Bulle A, Lim KH. Deciphering the Role of Innate Immune NF-ĸB Pathway in Pancreatic Cancer. Cancers (Basel). 2020 Sep 19;12(9):2675. Review. PMCID: PMC7564842

Dodhiawala PB, Khurana N, Zhang D, Cheng Y, Li L, Wei Q, Seehra K, Jiang H, Grierson PM, Wang-Gillam A, Lim KH. TPL2 enforces RAS-induced inflammatory signaling and is activated by point mutations. J Clin Invest. 2020 Sep 1;130(9):4771-4790. PMCID: PMC7456254

Jin X, Starke S, Li Y, Sethupathi S, Kung G, Dodhiawala P, Wang Y. Nitrogen Starvation-induced Phosphorylation of Ras1 Protein and Its Potential Role in Nutrient Signaling and Stress Response. J Biol Chem. 2016 Jul 29;291(31):16231-9. PMCID: PMC4965571

Jiang H, Xu M, Li L, Grierson P, Dodhiawala P, Highkin M, Zhang D, Li Q, Wang-Gillam A, Lim KH. Concurrent HER or PI3K Inhibition Potentiates the Antitumor Effect of the ERK Inhibitor Ulixertinib in Preclinical Pancreatic Cancer Models. Mol Cancer Ther. 2018 Oct;17(10):2144-2155. PMCID: PMC6168412