Sara Bolivar Wagers

UMN MSTP student Sara Bolivar Wagers


Entering Class: 2016

University of Central Florida
Molecular Biology and Microbiology majors
B.S., 2014

MSTP Student Governance:

  • Student Admissions and Recruitment Committee, 2018-2020

Advisor: Bruce Blazar, M.D.


Work prior to the UMN MSTP

Ghanem MH, Bolivar-Wagers S, Dey B, Hajduczki A, Vargas-Inchaustegui DA, Danielson DT, Bundoc V, Liu L, Berger EA. Bispecific chimeric antigen receptors targeting the CD4 binding site and high-mannose Glycans of gp120 optimized for anti-human immunodeficiency virus potency and breadth with minimal immunogenicity. Cytotherapy. 2018 Mar;20(3):407-419.

Guo J, Bolivar-Wagers S, Srinivas N, Holubar M, Maldonado Y. Immunodeficiency-related vaccine-derived poliovirus (iVDPV) cases: a systematic review and implications for polio eradication. Vaccine. 2015 Mar 3;33(10):1235-42. Review. PMCID: PMC5529169