Interviewing for the Medicine Pediatric Residency Program

We are thrilled to share with you the specifics about interviewing with our Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Program at the University of Minnesota. The links below will be instrumental in making the most of your interview. We encourage you to review the information carefully.

Beyond the Interview

We understand that this is a big decision in your life and to get the best sense of a program you may want to go beyond the interview day. We are proud of the many aspects our program has to offer and understand that it is not always feasible to show an individual every aspect of the program during your initial visit. If you are interested in making special arrangements in order to view the program to a greater degree, such as staying an extra night with a resident and participating in hospital rounds the next day, please e-mail or call (612) 624-0990.  

Post-Interview Communication Policy

There has been significant national discussion around how residency programs communicate with applicants after the interview day. The Association of Program Directors in Internal Medicine (APDIM) and the Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine (AAIM) have released a joint policy statement and rationale for the statement. In order to decrease ambiguity and stress around these communications and maintain a level playing field between all applicants and programs, we’ve chosen to enact the following policy:

  • Applicants are free to ask questions to whomever they wish and will get a direct reply from that person. These inquiries are neither expected nor considered in the ranking process.
  • However, the program will not send out individualized communications to any applicants -- the only communications applicants will receive from us will be those that go to all applicants.

Since this policy will apply to all program initiated communications after the interview day, it is important to know that lack of contact does not imply lack of interest in an applicant. Rather, we will uphold the spirit of the match and rank applicants based on merit and best fit for our program, and we hope that applicants to our program will do the same when creating their own rank lists.