Dr. Lin's Lab

Our Lab works to understand the molecular targets and pathways between the cancer cell and immune cell surfaces, especially those co-stimulatory and co-inhibitory molecules and their pathways that interact each other and affect the activities of immune cells and their anti-tumor immunity in the tumor microenvironment. Specifically, we focus on the molecules and pathways on the tumor or immune cell surfaces that control and regulate immune responses in the tumor tissue. We are particularly interested in translating bench-top findings and discoveries into the development of imaging agents and therapeutic drugs for the demonstration and treatment of cancer, autoimmune diseases, transplantation rejection, and chronic infectious diseases, characterized by immune response abnormalities.  

  • Establishment of animal immune response models for testing the efficacy of therapeutic antibodies on cancer immunotherapy
  • Blockade of a variety of the co-inhibitory pathways, including PD-1 and S15 pathways, with combinatorial therapeutic monoclonal antibodies for cancer immunotherapy, especially those “hot” tumor types which contain a lot of immune response cells
  • Study and optimization of therapeutic agents and antibodies to the tumor microenvironment for efficient disease immunotherapy
  • Discovery and optimization of monoclonal antibodies for detection of tumor biomarkers in the tumor microenvironment