St. Joseph's Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program

st josephSt. Joseph’s Hospital Family Medicine Residency is a vibrant group of physicians, dedicated to learning and serving the community.

We have a busy clinical practice, caring for diverse ethnicities, ages, and pathologies in the Frogtown neighborhood of St. Paul.

The hospital offers a mix of a community hospital and tertiary referral center, affording residents opportunities to treat and prevent the full spectrum of medical pathologies. St. Joseph's Hospital is located in the heart of downtown St. Paul.

We seek residents who are excited to train in an urban setting and dedicated to family medicine.



  • Clinic
  • Hospitals
  • Frogtown
  • Clinic

    M Health Fairview Clinic - Bethesda


    • High patient volume with largely underserved and ethnically diverse populations
    • Hands-on training for in-office procedures
    • certified health care home in St. Paul
    • Located eight blocks from St. Joseph's Hospital

    Integrated healthcare team on-site

    • Clinical psychologist and psychiatrist
    • Pharmacists co-precept residents, consult on medications, and present lectures
    • Community physicians and former graduates precept with core faculty
    • Registered nurses perform phone triage, coordinate OB patient visits, and provide diabetic education
    • Healthcare-legal partnership with Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services (SMRLS) to address the legal needs that present health equity barriers to patients

    Facility highlights

    • 27 spacious exam rooms with access to electronic medical records
    • Three procedure rooms for colposcopy, OB ultrasound, suturing, casting, biopsies, and manipulations
    • Spacious residents’ workroom and preceptor area
    • X-ray and lab
  • Hospitals

    St. Joseph's Hospital

    • st josephTertiary care center with the latest technology in neurology and cardiovascular intervention with outpatient surgery, CyberKnife, and imaging centers
    • Robust, high-acuity inpatient medicine experience
    • Only residency at the hospital
    • Holds distinction as Minnesota's first hospital
    • Learn more about St. Joseph's Hospital

     Woodwinds Hospital

    st joseph

    • "Baby-Friendly" certified maternity care
    • Only residency at the hospital
    • Location for the following rotations:
      • Maternity care including OB, newborns, and special care nursery
      • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
      • Hospitalist
    • Learn more about Woodwinds Hospital
  • Frogtown

    Our clinic is located in an inner city neighborhood called Frogtown, one of the most diverse areas in St. Paul and home to most of our patients. It was coined as such due to the marshy environment of the area and subsequent plethora of frogs in the late 1800s when people began settling here.

    Since its inception, Frogtown has been home to several different immigrant and refugee populations including Polish, Irish, German, Scandinavian, and more recently, Southeast Asians, Latino, and East African. Frogtown is within walking distance of the Minnesota State Capitol.

Curriculum highlights

  • Active management of labor for high risk OB population
  • Weekly 2.5 hour education conferences covering a broad range of topics
  • Comprehensive internal medicine training with extensive ICU experience
  • Well-established elective opportunities

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