PHDR COVID-19 Statement and Resource List

Dear PHDR Community,

As cases of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) increase in Minnesota, we at the Program in Health Disparities Research (PHDR) are concerned that timely, accurate, and understandable information may not be available to ALL communities. As in previous health emergencies, this crisis will disproportionately impact communities most marginalized by structural, social and economic inequities. We recognize that not all community members are literate (in English or another language) or have access to internet, TV, and printed materials (i.e. newspapers, flyers, brochures, etc.). We understand that some of our communities rely on verbal updates, either through radio or trusted community leaders, families and friends.

We have therefore begun to collect information presented in a variety of formats and languages to inform individuals on how to best protect themselves, their families, and their communities. We value and acknowledge the assets each community has in caring for, sharing and communicating with each other. Below is a link to resources that are available for community members to share within their networks. This list is a working document and will be updated as additional resources are identified.

In addition, we will only successfully control the spread of the virus when everyone in our community has equal access to affordable health care and the economic support to sustain school closures, work disruptions, and quarantines. We would encourage all PHDR members to advocate locally and nationally for those vital public health resources. Moreover, we are working to identify resources to support community members through this crisis and will share them in the link below.

Finally, this virus does not justify acts of racism. We strongly urge all members of our community to act with compassion and concern for all Minnesotans. As stated by the University of Minnesota, Institute for Advanced Study, acts of exclusion, harassment, and hate speech do nothing to prevent viruses and other illnesses from spreading; instead, such actions simply impair our abilities to work together as a community at a crucial time. We stand in solidarity with those, particularly Asian Americans, who have been targeted, both directly and indirectly, by racist and xenophobic words and actions associated with these outbreaks.

Action Steps:
• Send us additional educational resources
• Share any additional social and economic services and resources with us
• Distribute these resources widely through your networks
• We will continue to monitor and provide updates as the situation changes

You may contact us at

With the strength and commitment of our communities, we will overcome this together.

The PHDR Team

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