PHDR Statement on the Death of George Floyd

The Program in Health Disparities Research mourns today with the family of George Floyd and the Minneapolis community at large.  Mr. Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis Police officers is the most recent and graphic example of how structural racism directly impacts indigenous communities and communities of color contributing to well established disparities in health and mortality. Research has shown us that police brutality harms Black people, not only through individually mediated and culturally sanctioned violence, but also through a larger and formalized set of policies, practices, and laws that operate systemically to destabilize, disempower and traumatize the Black community. In the face of stubborn racial inequities, those of us who are White in particular must develop a more robust understanding of structural racism and its impact on individuals, families, and communities, and show our commitment to its eradication through our actions. Over the next weeks, the Program in Health Disparities Research will be posting research and opinions about the effects of structural racism on health and wellbeing and the actions our institutions must take to move towards equity.