Distance Guidelines

University of Minnesota Medical School Guideline on Medical Student Assignments to Community Teaching Sites (Distance Guideline)

To provide students with a relevant, comprehensive and high quality medical education, the medical school places students at community teaching sites away from the medical school campus. Student assignment to these sites is primarily based on the educational merit of the site, and is not primarily based on the proximity of the site to the student's home.

Medical students should expect, at some stage during their medical school training, to travel to a community hospital or clinic located within a 50-mile radius of their registered home address. Site assignments will be made with the assurance that a student will not have more than a 50-mile one-way commute by car from their registered home address, and that for rotations which require daily attendance, students will have no more than a 30-mile one-way commute.

For students with a documented disability that impairs their transportation abilities, they must make this fact known to the relevant course coordinator prior to scheduling of site assignments. The student must still be prepared to travel to sites which are not close to their home address and the student should provide the coordinator with a range of site addresses which they can access by public transportation or by other means.

[Approved by the Curriculum Committee Executive Committee on May 27, 2003.]

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