INMD 7014

Advanced Outbreak Communication


Beth Scudder, MA
Course Coordinator

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INMD 7004


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    For students who have taken INMD 7004: COVID19: Outbreaks and the media, this advanced elective will provide the opportunity to further research and present on historical outbreaks and our response to them.
    Students will be responsible for helping teach and provide guidance to students in INMD 7004.
    The focus of this advanced class will be on further increasing student’s ability to engage fully with the media as a physician and learn the basics of how to teach media engagement to other medical students.

    Sites: OL: Online learning

    Required session attendance: 

    Typical weekly schedule/Delivery Mode:  40 hours per week with individual discussions/guidance/projects from Dr. Krohn in addition to attending and assisting with the classes for INMD 7004

    Direct patient care:  No

    Consent Requirement: Open to student scheduling

    Course Objectives: 

    By the end of this rotation students will be able to:

    • Identify the main reasons why physicians do not engage with media and steps to mitigate these factors
    • Identify common communication errors that physicians make and identify techniques to teach physicians to avoid these errors
    • Improve knowledge about public health and COVID19

    Graded Components:  Quality of teaching and feedback to INMD 7004 students 

    Grading Scale:  P/N


    Course Personnel: Beth Thielen, MD, PhD (

    Allow repetition of course: Repetition not allowed

    Limited to Student Type: No

    Course equivalency: N/A

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