FMCH 7527

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Health


Elisabeth Arendt
Course Coordinator

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Catalog Description: Physicians rarely ask patients about sexual orientation, sexual health, and gender identity.  Physicians offer a variety of reasons why sexuality and gender identity are not discussed, including lack of time, inadequate knowledge/training, worry about offending the patient, personal discomfort, concern about "opening a can of worms," or lack of awareness about sexuality and sexual health issues.  Physicians have also noted specific discomfort talking about sexuality with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender patients.

LGBT health disparities and working with LGBT patients is a small part of the current curriculum.  This gap will be partially addressed by this course, by the end of which students will have new skills in evaluating LGBT patients and responding to them in a clinically and culturally appropriate manner.

Specifically, in this course students will gain an understanding of the health risks experience by LGBT individuals and will practice assessing sexual orientation, gender identity, sexual health, and discussing specific health concerns and treatment options in order to become comfortable working with this population.  Students will also hear from LGBT individuals themselves about their healthcare experiences and how they wisht to be treated.  In addition, physicians who are LGB or transgender will talk about managing their professional and personal identities, as well as being "out" in the community and identifying as an LGBT-friendly healthcare provider.


View site addresses by clicking on the site name below or visiting the site codes table.

Site Code

Site Name



PRIDE Institute

 residential substance use treatment center (LGBTQ-foused facility)


Family Tree Clinic

 primary care and reproductive/sexual clinic focusing on LGBTQ health

Required session attendance:

Typical weekly schedule/Delivery Mode: Clinic schedule is Mon, Wed 8:00am-8:30pm; Tues, Thurs 8:00am-5:00pm; Sat 10:00am-2:00pm.  Students will study online daily for approximately one-two hours.

Direct patient care: No

Consent Requirement: Open to Student Scheduling

Course Objectives: At the end of this elective, students will be able to:

  • Describe common health concerns and risk factors affecting the LGBT community
  • Identify and address specific barriers to care experienced by the LGBT community to increase access, engagement and quality of care
  • Conduct assessments of patients' sexual orientation and gender identity and their health issues
  • Understand LGBT patients' perspective on medical care by hearing about experiences and how they want to be treated
  • Understand the experiences of LGBT physicians as a healthcare professional and a member of the LGBT community
  • Locate resources and support services for LGBT patients in the Twin Cities and in other communities

Graded Components: 

  • Performance Assessment by course director
  • LGBT Health Response Paper
  • Case History
  • Personal Diary
  • Attendance and Participation

Grading Scale: P/N


Allow repetition of course: Repetition not allowed

Limited to Student Type: No

Course equivalency: N/A

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