PMED 7413

Rehabilitation Medicine for Adults - Virtual Offering


Jessica DeVries
Course Coordinator

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    Catalog Description: This Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation virtual clinical rotation was developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure medical students an opportunity to learn about the field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation while unable to participate in hands-on clincial education. This innovative elective is centered on learner engagement, simulation of clinical experiences, and the importance of building relationships with faculty and residents. Medical students will virtually follow standardized patients from consultation to discharge building their own plan of care and walking through that plan with senior residents that have a distinct set of learning objectives in place. Medical students will participate in interactive journal clubs, lectures, and didactic education with faculty and residents via Zoom on a daily basis. Virtual office hours with faculty and residents will provide students an opportunity to learn more about the field, the varied education and career paths taken, and to build meaningful relationships within the Department. To supplement the live education, an entire library of video presentations was built by Department faculty and affiliate faculty across the Twin Cities. This ensures students always have access to foundational material as well as the opportunity to delve deeper into their unique areas of interest. This virtual curriculum provides students a quality, robust, learning experience that serves as a great introduction to the field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. 


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    VA Medical Center

    This course is completely online.

    Required session attendance: Orientation, PM&R Residency Wednesday didactics (8AM - noon), Friday didactics (12:15PM-1PM), mini-grand rounds presentation & journal club, evaluation

    Typical weekly schedule/Delivery Mode: M-F. 8AM-4:30PM, no weekends or call

    Direct patient care: No

    Consent Requirement: Open to student scheduling

    Course Objectives: By the end of this rotation, medical students will be able to: ​

    • Medical students should gain an appreciation of the value of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and the integral role it plays in the healthcare system and in patient well-being.
    • Medical students will become acquainted with the core principles of physiatry.
    • Medical students must learn the physiatric approach to complex medical issues.
    • Medical students must learn how to become an effective leader of a multidisciplinary team and demonstrate understanding of the value that each member brings to the team to provide quality patient care.

    Graded Components:

    Mini-grand rounds, journal club presentation, reflection pieces, assessment of site director

    Grading Scale: H/E/S/N


    Allow repetition of course: Repetition not allowed

    Limited to Student Type: No

    Course equivalency: N/A

    Related curricular experience: N/A

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