LAMP 7116

Virtual Anatomic Pathology Elective


Mary Ramey
Course Coordinator

Curriculum Focus
Clinical Level
MS Year
Terms Offered



*Course will no longer be offered in the 2022-2023 Academic Year*

Catalog description:  This elective offers the opportunity for students to virtually participate in a rotation in the Anatomic Pathology Department at the University of Minnesota. The student will become acquainted with current basic concepts of Anatomic Pathology and how it applies to clinical and surgical medicine. Students will have the opportunity to focus their learning based on their desired specialties of interest.

COVID-19 has converted a majority of clinical rotations to the virtual environment for the foreseeable future. This includes Anatomic Pathology, which is an essential rotation for students interested in applying to Pathology this upcoming residency cycle. Therefore, the aim is to create a virtual Anatomic Pathology elective that will allow students to gain exposure to the field, make connections with pathologists, and provide opportunities for research and obtaining letters of recommendation. In addition, our goal is to also make this elective applicable to students going into other specialities (surgery, internal medicine, Ob/Gyn, among others) by individualizing the curriculum to focus on pathology that is specific to those specialities. Additionally, a secondary goal of this elective is to produce resources that will be utilized by future medical students and/or visiting medical students or international medical graduates.

Sites:  OL: Online learning

Required session attendance:  All first week lectures, virtual sign-outs, detective/unknown case discussions, pathology grand rounds, resident didactics, and any additional conferences that arise durning the rotation at the discretion of the course director (e.g., tumor boards, initerdiscpilinary conferences, etc.).

Typical weekly schedule/Delivery mode:  M-F, hours range typically between 8:00 AM-4:00 PM; attend resident lectures, pathology conferences, and grand rounds. No weekend or night assignments. 

Direct patient care:  No

Consent requirement:  Open to student scheduling

Course objectives:  

1. Apply basic anatomic pathology knowledge to clinical and surgical medicine
2. Interpret anatomic pathology reports.
3. Perform gross and microscopic descriptions.
4. Interpret surgical pathology cases.
5. Correlate clinical, radiologic, and pathologic findings.
6. Examine the relationship between anatomic pathology and other sub-specialties such as surgery, radiology, and internal medicine
7. Demonstrate professional behaviors and the highest ethical standards at all times including timeliness, preparedness, reliability, and respect
8. Seek and incorporate feedback, engage in self-reflection, identify gaps in knowledge, and seek out professional development opportunities

Graded components:

  • Final presentation
  • Final evaluation (based on global rating scale assessments completed by faculty/residents/fellows throughout the rotation)

Grading scale: H/E/S/N


Allow repetition of course:  Repetition not allowed

Limited to Student Type:  No

Course equivalency:  N/A

Related curricular experience:  N/A

Secure exam:

Course evaluation:  MedHub