Site Visits

Communication Sessions Visits (CSV)

In Communication Session (CS) visits, an RPAP/MetroPAP core faculty member will visit the student in their community for a day.

At the first CS visit the core faculty will observe a student-patient interview, and the student and the core faculty will discuss communication skills as well as how various psychosocial factors may relate to the patients’ presenting complaints. For the remainder of the visit, the core faculty member will shadow the student working with the preceptor; seeing and presenting patients.

The second CS visit is an opportunity for the core faculty to observe the student's progress in interviewing and providing patient care. In the afternoon, students will also discuss educational experience on RPAP and the residency selection process.


The goal of these Communication Session visits is to increase the student's competence in communicating both with and about the patient.

Specialty Faculty Visits (SFV)


For Specialty Faculty Visits (SFVs) students gather once a month in clusters of four at assigned sites. A visiting faculty member from one of the departments of Family Medicine, Surgery, OB/GYN, Internal Medicine or Pediatrics, and an RPAP core faculty member travel to spend the day with the cluster.

Each student is required to prepare a case presentation. The visiting faculty will conduct a teaching presentation over the lunch hour. Through formal presentations and discussion of patient cases, SFVs provide group learning experiences in specialties. Physicians and students will also have conversations about specialty discernment, patient populations, and wellness techniques.


  • Deepen basic science and clinical knowledge in core subject areas

  • Strengthen teaching and formal presentation skills

  • Further develop skills in evidence-based medicine

  • Allow students to meet and chat with key University faculty in the departments of Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, OB/GYN, Pediatrics, and Surgery.

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