Duluth Scientific Foundation Committee (DSFC)

The DSFC Committee is composed of all Duluth Course Directors and Clinical Course Directors. In addition, there are two student representatives, elected by the Year 1 and Year 2 class.

The Committee Functions as the working group to review curriculum integration and evaluation for the year 1 and 2 Duluth Campus and make recommendations regarding curricular issues to the Education Council.

Purpose, Structure, Membership & Governance

DSFC Members:

Committee Chair: Michele Statz (mstatz@d.umn.edu)
Faculty Administrative Liaison: Kevin Diebel, Ph.D. (kwdiebel@d.umn.edu)
Administrative Contact: Duluth Student Affairs, Dr. Robin Michaels (rmichael@d.umn.edu)

Students can contact their student representatives if they have concerns they would like addressed by the committee. The Duluth Student Affairs is available for questions.

Committee Members


DSFC Meeting Minutes and Agendas

Meeting minutes are posted after approval at the subsequent meeting.