Committee on Undergraduate Medical Education Duluth (CUMED)

The CUMED Committee is composed of all Duluth Course Directors and Clinical Course Directors. In addition, there are two student representatives, elected by the Year 1 and Year 2 class.

The Committee Functions as the working group to review curriculum integration and evaluation for the year 1 and 2 Duluth Campus and make recommendations regarding curricular issues to the Education Council.

Students can contact their student representatives if they have concerns they would like addressed by the committee. The Duluth Student Affairs is available for questions.

Committee Members

Administrative (non-voting) members:

KevinDiebel (Assistant Dean for Curriculum, Assessment and Evaluation)

Robin Michaels (Associate Dean of Student Life and Academic Affairs)

Bob Englander (Associate Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education)

Katherine Betsy Murray (Assistant Dean of Curriculum)

Claudio Violato (Assistant Dean for Assessment and Evaluation)


MS1 representative

Richard Sather III


MS2 representative

Julia Lasswell


Academic faculty members:

Aubie Shaw (CUMED Chair)

Amy Greminger (CUMED Vice Chair)


James Boulger

Ray Christensen

Pedro Fernandez-Funez

Janet Fitzakerley

Ryan Harden

Cathy McCarty

Kendra Nordgren

Emily Onello

Mary Owen

Jennifer Pearson

Amy Seip

Andy Skildum

Michele Statz

Sandra Stover


CUMED Meeting Minutes

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