Wynne Schiffer Lab

Dr. Schiffer's research aim is to translate knowledge from the basic sciences using neuroimaging to develop new clinical treatments for brain disorders. The Schiffer Lab combines PET imaging expertise with Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) working with collaborators at the Center for Magnetic Resonance Research. Combining imaging with behavioral measures in animals parallels functional imaging studies in humans to provide valuable insight into healthy and diseased states of the brain.


Imaging the Causes and Consequences of Inhalant Abuse
Sponsor: NIDA, NIH

Project Description: Using serial PET and MRI studies in animals to measure changes in brain structure and function following reinforcing exposures to toluene.

Preclinical Assessment of a Strategy to Minimize the Abuse Liability of Opiate Medications for Pain
Sponsor: DOD

Project Description: Preclinical PET imaging combined with behavioral assays will be used to evaluate a novel strategy to eliminate the addictive liability associated with narcotic analgesics for the treatment of chronic pain in active and veteran military personnel.

Simultaneous FDG PET and fMRI Measures of Functional Connectivity in the Rodent Brain
Sponsor: University of Minnesota (IEM seed grant)

Project Description: Combined FDG PET and functional MRI studies will be performed using an innovative imaging paradigm in which radiotracer uptake (and thus measurements of metabolic function) occurs during an fMRI study while the animals are in the magnet followed by a short PET scan that captures metabolism during the fMRI image acquisition. [Co-PI with Wei Chen and Xiao-Hong Zhu]


Principal Investigator


  • Ute Goerke, PhD, Assistant Professor of Radiology, (U of M)
  • Wei Chen, PhD, Professor of Radiology (U of M)
  • Xiao-Hong Zhu, PhD, Research Associate, Radiology (U of M)

Research Positions

Undergraduates, Graduates and Postdocs

  • Undergraduate and graduate students and post-doctoral researchers interested in research employment opportunities in Dr. Wynne Schiffer's laboratory should email their cover letter, CV, and list of references to memory@umn.edu. Undergraduates should also send their unofficial transcript. Postings may be found online through the University's Employment System when we are hiring.


Main Office: 612-626-2001

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Wynne Schiffer, PhD, G-CRMC, Room 5-178
Wallin Medical Biosciences Building (WMBB)
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