Anita Randolph, PhD, to Lead Community Engagement and Education at the Masonic Institute for the Developing Brain

Anita Randolph, PhD, has been named Director of Community Engagement and Education for the Masonic Institute for the Developing Brain (MIDB). In this new role, Dr. Randolph will help design and co-direct the community engagement and education for MIDB. With her extensive community service and public outreach experience, Dr. Randolph hopes to strengthen the bridge between the University of Minnesota and the surrounding community. 

Currently, Dr. Randolph is an Assistant Professor for the Division of Clinical Behavioral Neuroscience with the Department of Pediatrics. Before entering this role, she worked as a Postdoc under the supervision of her fellow Co-Director, Damien Fair, PhD. Her research interests include methamphetamine addiction to explain differences in brain functioning between people with and without a history of substance. In addition to being Co-Director for MIDB, she will also be working on research in the areas of addiction, adolescent cognitive development, and research education. To learn more about Dr. Randolph and her new appointment as Co-Director for MIDB, follow this link

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