C-QODE Lab Series w/ Dr. Bronwyn Southwell

C-QODE Lab Meeting  Presentation and Data Access Tutorial

C-QODE Lab Meeting Presentation and Data Access Tutorial

Presenter: Dr. Bronwyn Southwell
Topic: "The Role of Perioperative Clinical Nutrition in Reducing Colorectal Surgical Site Infections"

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C-QODE is a center funded by Dean Tolar and directed by the Department of Surgery's Drs. Chris Tignanelli and Schelomo Marmor. The goal of C-QODE is to help junior and mid-career faculty, residents, and fellows develop data-driven research projects, with the end goal of improving healthcare quality and delivery. We are doing this by democratizing data for researchers across the Medical School and making it easier to use electronic health record (EHR) data, registry data and public-use data.

Following the C-QODE intake process we provide the following services for procedural researchers:

1.) Facilitate rapid (within 3 weeks) access to clean pre-processed disease or procedure-specific databases
- Researchers no longer need to wait for months to get access to national or local data or pay hourly rates to generate disease registries/datasets

2.) We will facilitate the first draft of your IRB for database projects within 3 days of the request

3.) AI/ML support for computer vision, NLP, and structured data analysis

4.) We can also facilitate steps for the integration and evaluation of care delivery solutions that may have been developed using retrospective data

Please email: cqode@umn.edu for more information! 


Wednesday, February 23, 2022 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm