COVID-19 Update - April 20th

Research shows resiliency, in part, is attributed to our genetics. As reported in a recent article in Science, researchers are looking at COVID-19 patient genomes for DNA variations to explain why some infected with the disease get very sick, and others do not.   The answer could help explain the selectivity of the disease impact. 

And while the University of Minnesota does not have a genome from which to gather similar data to measure its resiliency – the department of surgery has a legacy of pioneers who have led the way for more than century to advance modern medicine.  The names are familiar, and their photos grace our walls - Wangensteen, Bakken, Lillehei, Varco, Lewis and Najarian.  It is very much “in our DNA” that collectively as clinicians, researchers, learners, and those who support those efforts would instinctively work to create solutions and do so without a clear roadmap. We are exhibiting our resilience with an embraced spirit of innovation.  

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