The Dignity of Work: Challenges and Opportunities Facing People with Disabilities Around the World

Choosing to work is a fundamental human right for all people, including those with disabilities. Having a job lifts people out of poverty, gives them independence, provides social connections, and plays an important role in both individual self-worth and society. With resilience and innovation, some people with disabilities are overcoming generations of workplace discrimination and thriving in meaningful employment. The U of M Institute on Community Integration is hosting this forum to highlight some of these global success stories, the families behind them, and the employers who have discovered the power of a diverse workforce.

Call for proposals

In addition to the perspectives of people with disabilities themselves, The Institute on Community Integration is interested in the perspectives of family members, employers, and professionals in the field of disability services, inclusion, social work etc. They are looking for 20-minute presentations, followed by a 20-minute discussion. Please, complete the application form on the event website if you would like to be considered as a presenter. Collaborations among different presenters (e.g., person with a disability and employer or job coach; professional with a family member, etc.) are encouraged.


Wednesday, March 3, 2021 - 8:00am to 2:00pm