Dr. Howard Ansel Receives Prestigious Honor Award from the Minnesota Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Howard Ansel, MD has been awarded the Distinguished Service Award for his outstanding contributions to the enhancement of the welfare of persons with communication, swallowing and/or balance disorders. 

Dr. Ansel was nominated by the Speech-Language section at the Minneapolis VA Health Care System for his role in fostering a collaborative learning environment between radiology and speech-language pathology at the VA. Dr. Ansel has participated in collaborative education with 20 VA Speech Pathology staff and over 150 Speech Pathology students and clinical fellows facilitating Modified Barium Swallow evaluations that serve as the foundation for the treatment of patients with dysphagia.

Said Don MacLennan, MA, CCC-SLP, “[Dr. Ansel] has served as an invaluable resource for Speech-Language Pathologists in the Twin Cities and beyond. We remain deeply appreciative of his contributions to our service and sincerely believe he deserves recognition of Speech-Language Pathology community.

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