Dr. Rachel Ulfers, ’05, Makes Gift to Support Diversity in Physical Therapy

Dr. Rachel Ulfers was a 2005 graduate of the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program. She knew she wanted to be a physical therapist well before she started applying for graduate programs. She knew that the appropriate home would be the University of Minnesota Medical School’s Department of Rehabilitation Medicine. Not only was she an avid Gophers fan, but her father also worked at the University for many years – making it a second home. 

Dr. Ulfers experience with the program and patients is what led her and her partner to make a meaningful gift to the program. They are both passionate about diversity efforts in the field. Her hope is that their gift, and similar gifts from fellow alumni, will lead to a world where patients seek treatment and instantly feel more comfortable as they interact with clinicians that are able to share in their lived experiences.

For information on how you can support the Medical School’s diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, contact Carrie Albers of the University of Minnesota Foundation at albersc@umn.edu.

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The murder of George Floyd and the recent turmoil were the impetus for us. Changing the designation of our giving was an easy choice after that. Traditionally, our profession is very white and cis-gendered. Yet, there is a great amount of value in being treated by somebody and seeing somebody in a professional setting that looks like you and might share experiences with you.

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