Landing a job in the American academic job market: Tips for international students trying to make it in the US, hosted by the Council of International Graduate Students and the UMN Graduate School

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This session is specifically geared towards international graduate students, and is a sequel to academic job search workshops held by the UMN Graduate School. We want to provide a space to continue the discussion on topics relevant to the academic job search - with a focus on developing a better understanding of how international students’ endeavors to work in American academic institutions are affected by several factors such as their citizenship, residency status, and background/experience. This session empowers the international student community by providing them with strategies to navigate the American academic job market. These strategies will be based on experiences by i.) the faculty members who are currently on an immigrant-type visa and ii.) the senior members who are involved in the recruitment. In order to facilitate this event smoothly, we would like to ask you to attend the graduate school workshops before attending this event. Please submit your questions to be answered during a Q&A session through your registration!


Saturday, October 23, 2021 - 10:00am to 11:30am