$8.5M grant launches metastatic breast cancer study

The National Cancer Institute has awarded an $8.5 million grant to a team from the Masonic Cancer Center, University of Minnesota to take on metastatic breast cancer.

The research team — led by Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator Reuben Harris, Ph.D., and Masonic Cancer Center director Douglas Yee, M.D. — will study an enzyme-driven mutation process in breast cancer cells.

Prior research pioneered at the Masonic Cancer Center identified enzymes known as APOBECs as a dominant source of cell mutation in breast cancer. 

“This finding addresses a common but poorly understood problem in breast cancer — the development of resistance to medical therapy,” Yee says. “This new research will lead to a deep molecular understanding of how tumors mutate and evolve, and why they eventually stop responding to therapies that had previously been working well.”  

Published on October 15, 2019