Blue-ribbon panel to advise Medical School

Gov. Mark Dayton in August launched a blue-ribbon committee to help ensure the U of M Medical School is a national leader in medical training, research, and care.

He charged the committee with delivering to the 2015 state Legislature policy and budget recommendations focused on the following:

  • ensuring the Medical School’s national preeminence by retaining and attracting world-class faculty, staff, students, and residents;
  • sustaining the U’s national leadership in medical research and health care innovation and delivery while capitalizing on the state’s investments in biomedical research;
  • expanding the U’s clinical services to strengthen its ability to serve as a statewide health care resource, as a training site for health professional students and residents, as a site for cutting-edge clinical research, and as a critical funding source for the U’s Medical School and health sciences; and
  • addressing the state’s health care workforce demands, including the need for more primary care physicians to serve an aging population and people with chronic health problems.

More than 70 percent of Minnesota’s physicians have taken classes at or earned their medical degrees from the U of M Medical School.

For a list of the committee members, visit and select newsroom archives.

Published on March 24, 2015