Legislative preview: Become a UMN Advocate

The 2019 legislative session will kick off in January, and with the November elections, the University’s government relations team will be meeting newly elected officials to ensure they understand the value this five-campus institution brings to Minnesota.

During the 2019 legislative session, a budget year, the University will be seeking $30 million for fiscal year 2020 and $27 million for fiscal year 2021. Consistent with systemwide strategic priorities, the funding would allow the University to address its most pressing needs: competitive compensation, classroom and equipment maintenance, compliance with federal and state regulations, research and technology infrastructure, core facilities maintenance, and targeted program enhancement. 

Joining UMN Advocates is one way to stay informed and make your voice heard. UMN Advocates engages students, alumni, faculty, and community members in building a stronger U of M. You will find what you need to keep abreast of politics, higher education, and the legislative process. You will also discover easy steps to follow for telling your own U of M story to legislators so they can see alumni’s tremendous statewide influence.

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Published on October 17, 2018