In Memoriam

Black and white portrait of Kurt Amplatz

Kurt A. Amplatz, M.D., Minneapolis, died Nov. 6 at age 95. A professor of radiology at the University of Minnesota Medical School for 40 years, Dr. Amplatz developed the field of coronary angiography and invented the Amplatz catheter to allow examination of coronary arteries through a vessel in the groin. He used his passion for tinkering to explore and solve real-life problems through pioneering biomedical engineering techniques. His inventions, including the Amplatzer septal occluder and the Amplatz fascial dilator, continue to save lives today.


Black and white portrait of Gary L. Davis, Ph.D.

Gary L. Davis, Ph.D., Duluth, Minn., died Oct. 18 at the age 72. For 40 years, Dr. Davis served as a faculty member at the University of Minnesota Medical School, Duluth Campus, including a stint as the regional campus dean from 2007 until 2014. Concurrently throughout his career at the University, Dr. Davis provided clinical psychology care across the Duluth community. He also introduced a telemedicine system for mental health, which expanded access to care to patients in rural Minnesota.


Black and white portrait of John P. Delaney, M.D.

John P. Delaney, M.D., Ph.D., Class of 1955, Minneapolis, died Nov. 20 at the age of 89. Dr. Delaney was a surgical oncologist who specialized in treating endocrine and breast cancer. He spent more than six decades at the University of Minnesota Medical School—first as a student and then as a faculty member—pursuing advances in clinical care, research, and education. He cherished his relationships with his patients and was a highly regarded educator and mentor to numerous medical students, residents, and early career surgeons. The Medical School’s John P. Delaney Chair in Clinical Surgical Oncology is named in his honor.

Oscar D. Anderson, M.D., Class of 1955, North Mankato, Minn., died Nov. 9 at age 96. Dr. Anderson was an ophthalmologist.      

Berton D. Barrington, M.D., Class of 1970, Rochester, Minn., died Jan. 7 at age 75. Dr. Barrington was an ophthalmologist.

Royden A. Belcher, M.D., Class of 1949, Little Falls, Minn., died Nov. 18 at age 93. Dr. Belcher practiced family medicine.

Roger D. Berglund, M.D., Class of 1969, Mountain Iron, Minn., died Sept. 23 at age 77. Dr. Berglund was an ophthalmologist.

Dale W. Bohlke, M.D., Class of 1975, New Ulm, Minn., died Oct. 20 at age 68. Dr. Bohlke practiced emergency medicine.

Frank J. Bonello, M.D., Class of 1950, Forest Lake, Minn., died Nov. 5 at age 94. Dr. Bonello was a surgeon and family medicine doctor.

Robert A. Callewart, M.D., Class of 1955, Dallas, Texas, died Jan. 11 at age 92. Dr. Callewart was an orthopaedic surgeon.

Kenneth R. Carter, M.D., Class of 1968, Granite Falls, Minn., died Jan. 23 at age 77. Dr. Carter practiced family medicine.

Robert F. Cramer, M.D., Class of 1978, Sherman, Ill., died Nov. 7 at age 67. Dr. Cramer practiced internal medicine.                     

William A. Dahl, M.D., Class of 1969, Park Rapids, Minn., died Oct. 24 at age 80. Dr. Dahl practiced family and emergency medicine.

Donald D. Dahlstrom, M.D., Class of 1962, Minneapolis, died Dec. 22 at age 85. Dr. Dahlstrom was a radiologist.

Arndt J. Duvall III, M.D., Class of 1955, White Bear Lake, Minn., died Oct. 28 at age 88. Dr. Duvall was an otolaryngologist.            

Ramon M. Fusaro, M.D., Class of 1953, Plattsmouth, Neb., died Jan. 15 at age 92. Dr. Fusaro was a dermatologist.

Wendell G. Geary, M.D., Class of 1960, Maplewood, Minn., died Dec. 12 at age 84. Dr. Geary practiced family medicine.

William K. Gitar, M.D., Class of 1978, Duluth, Minn., died Jan 9 at age 69. Dr. Gitar practiced emergency medicine.          

Marvin E. Goldberg, M.D., Class of 1952, Minneapolis, died Oct. 7 at age 93. Dr. Goldberg was a radiologist.

William L. Hedrick, M.D., Class of 1954, Bloomington, Minn., died Oct. 2 at age 92. Dr. Hedrick was an oncologist.

Joanne M. Hofstrand, M.D., Class of 1978, Waconia, Minn., died Sept. 24 at age 78. Dr. Hofstrand was a psychiatrist.

Janet C. Hubbell, M.D., Class of 1976, St. Paul, Minn., died Aug. 14 at age 69. Dr. Hubbell was a pediatrician.

John R. Jalas, M.D., Ph.D., Class of 2005, Santa Monica, Calif., died Oct. 5 at age 48. Dr. Jalas was a pathologist.   

Thomas M. Julian, M.D., Class of 1978, Middleton, Wis., died Feb. 14 at age 70. Dr. Julian practiced obstetrics and gynecology.

Markle Karlen, M.D., Class of 1946, Minneapolis, died Sept. 25 at age 95. Dr. Karlen practiced internal medicine.

David B. Ketroser, M.D., J.D., Class of 1977, Minneapolis, died Nov. 7 at age 67. Dr. Ketroser was a neurologist.   

Marvin C. Korengold, M.D., Class of 1949, Chevy Chase, Md., died Sept. 19 at age 95. Dr. Korengold was a neurologist. 

Barbara A. Luikens, M.D., Class of 1984, Long Lake, Minn., died Dec. 2 at age 68. Dr. Luikens was a radiologist.

Merle S. Mark, M.D., Class of 1957, Minneapolis, died Sept. 27 at age 87. Dr. Mark practiced family medicine.

Anthony J. Miltich, M.D., Class of 1939, Mooresville, N.C., died Nov. 25 at age 104. Dr. Miltich practiced general medicine and surgery.

John C. Muesing, M.D., Class of 1970, Maple Grove, Minn., died Jan. 6 at age 75. Dr. Muesing practiced family medicine.

Gerald T. Mullin Jr., M.D., Class of 1958, Minneapolis, died Dec. 13 at age 86. Dr. Mullin was a rheumatologist.

Charles M. North, M.D., Class of 1969, Camarillo, Calif., died Feb. 7 at age 79. Dr. North was a radiologist.

Richard E. Olson, M.D., Class of 1960, Chaska, Minn., died Jan. 19 at age 84. Dr. Olson practiced family medicine.

Wayne P. Panning, M.D., Class of 1962, Belle Plaine, Minn., died Feb. 16 at age 83. Dr. Panning was a radiologist.

Edward S. Peterka, M.D., Class of 1961, Galesburg, Ill., died Nov. 26 at age 89. Dr. Peterka was a dermatologist.  

George R. Pettersen, M.D., Class of 1951, Crosby, Minn., died Dec. 3 at age 95. Dr. Pettersen practiced family medicine.

George M. Pope, M.D., Class of 1970, Silver Bay, Minn., died Sept. 16 at age 73. Dr. Pope practiced family and emergency medicine.

Lawrence M. Poston, M.D., Class of 1963, Bloomington, Minn., died Sept. 3 at age 84. Dr. Poston practiced family medicine.

John J. Regan Jr., M.D., Class of 1970, Homer, Alaska, died Nov. 27 at age 74. Dr. Regan practiced internal medicine.

Robert J. Rotenberg, M.D., Class of 1952, Las Vegas, Nev., died Dec. 5 at age 95. Dr. Rotenberg practiced family medicine.

Frederick R. Schlichting, M.D., Class of 1956, San Jose, Calif., died Dec. 13 at age 89. Dr. Schlichting practiced obstetrics and gynecology.

Leonard D. Schloff, M.D., Class of 1958, St. Paul, Minn., died Feb. 2 at age 85. Dr. Schloff was a cardiologist.

Hobert J. Setzer Jr., M.D., Class of 1953, Carmel, Ind., died Jan. 20 at age 92. Dr. Setzer was an internist.

Warren N. Sheldon, M.D., Class of 1949, Oberlin, Ohio, died Nov. 16 at age 96. Dr. Sheldon was a radiologist.

Arnold J. Spanjers, M.D., Class of 1947, Winter Haven, Fla., died Feb. 17 at age 95. Dr. Spanjers was a radiologist.

Michael T. Spilane, M.D., Class of 1967, St. Paul, Minn., died May 13, 2019, at age 77. Dr. Spilane practiced internal medicine and geriatrics.

Curtis N. Stolee, M.D., Class of 1956, Belle Plaine., died Jan. 21 at age 89. Dr. Stolee practiced family medicine.

David L. Webster, M.D., Class of 1977, Arden Hills, Minn., died May 18, 2019, at age 68. Dr. Webster was a neurologist.

Martin G. Weisberg, M.D., Class of 1960 , Minneapolis, died Oct. 7 at age 83. Dr. Weisberg practiced obstetrics and gynecology.

George J. Wernette, M.D., Class of 1949, Reno, N.V., died Feb. 20 at age 94. Dr. Wernette was a general surgeon.

Patricia A. Wood, M.D., Class of 1980, Columbia, S.C., died Oct. 25 at age 66. Dr. Wood was a hematologist and oncologist.         

Donald W. Woodley, M.D., Class of 1954, Edina, Minn., died Dec. 12 at age 90. Dr. Woodley practiced internal medicine.

Published on May 13, 2020