New books by alumni authors

The Torture Doctors: Human Rights Crimes and the Road to Justice Book cover

The Torture Doctors: Human Rights Crimes and the Road to Justice

By Steven Miles, M.D. (Medical School Class of 1976)

Georgetown University Press, March 2020

“Few are psychopaths. Torture doctors are mostly careerists who collaborate to obtain government positions or simply choose to overlook the tortured people they see in their practice,” Miles says. “They devise and oversee methods of torture, treating persons undergoing torture to keep them alive for future interrogation. They falsify medical records and death certificates and devise techniques that do not leave scars with the intent of concealing torture.”  

Human Body: A Wearable Product Designer’s Guide book cover

Human Body: A Wearable Product Designer’s Guide

By Karen LaBat, Ph.D., and Karen Ryan, M.D., M.S. (Medical School Class of 1981) 

CRC Press, March 2019

“My aged mother had significant osteoporosis-related posture change,” Ryan says. “Necklines in her clothes were tight in the front, and hemlines rode up in the back. As it became more difficult for her to shop, I tried, with limited success, to help her find clothes that she liked, that fit well, that were comfortable, and that looked good. I was familiar with the medical aspects of osteoporosis from my practice as an M.D. specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation and recognized that my mother wasn’t the only person with these problems — they were common and were going to increase as Baby Boomers grew older.”  

Published on May 13, 2020