Emmy and her family found their long-awaited answer at the University of Minnesota, in the hands of the academic and clinical care teams.

In just its second year, Chainbreaker is looking to grow in order to help cancer patients worldwide. 

Two new reports show that rural American obesity rates are climbing higher than those of their metropolitan counterparts.

The National Kidney Registry has awarded its 2018 “Excellence in Teamwork” Award to the University of Minnesota Medical Center for demonstrating excellence in teamwork for a complex kidney swap.

New research from the University of Minnesota reveals endoglin as a critical factor in determining the fate of early undifferentiated cells during development. 

A new study, published in the Journal of Neurosurgery, found that it may be possible to diagnose brain injuries through a simple blood test.

June 21 marks the longest day of the year, the summer solstice. With it comes more direct UV rays which, if exposed to for extended periods of time, can have harmful effects on our skin.

The PRIDE Study, which hoped to enroll 100,000 participants, aims to study participants' physical and mental health over a 30 year period.

A woman who is infected with CMV can pass the virus to her developing baby during pregnancy, but the risks associated are unfortunately not recognized by most pregnant women.

Yamamoto is one of the rare doctors who is both a clinician and researcher. As part of the T32 training grant the Department secured, Yamamoto is the supervising faculty involved in training the next generation of surgeon-scientists in pancreatology.


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