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The University of Minnesota today is launching a clinical trial on a post-exposure treatment for coronavirus COVID-19 disease. 

The team hopes it will accelerate biomedical research and offer a new protocol for studying the vulnerability of the model and a new cardiovascular phenotype.

The Medical School at the University of Minnesota recently recognized Dr. Marco Pravetoni, Associate Professor of Pharmacology, for his effort to combat the opioid epidemic with novel vaccines.

The U of M increases three spots in Blue Ridge Institute of Medical Research rankings.

Associate Professor Dr. Aaron LeBeau was recently featured by the Medical School at the University of Minnesota for his multi-million dollar prostate cancer research effort.

A $4.5 million Department of Defense grant will allow Carolyn Fairbanks, PhD, and George Wilcox, PhD, to continue their research of non-opioid alternatives to treat pain.

The Pharmacology Graduate Student Organization (PGSO) recently solicited donations from the Department of Pharmacology and Medical School community for The Sheridan Story.

The study was co-led by Michelle Corkrum, PhD, a third-year medical student in the Medical Scientist Training Program (MD/PhD) and Ana Covelo, PhD, in the lab of Alfonso Araque, PhD, and in collaboration with Mark Thomas, PhD.

University of Minnesota Medical School discovers a druggable target to treat the effects of muscular dystrophy.

The researchers found beta-blocker use to be a risk factor for hospitalizations for heart failure among these patients with “stiff heart” heart failure.


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