New Publication: Cellular senescence in intervertebral disc aging and degeneration

“Age is a major risk factor for multiple disease pathologies, including chronic back pain, which stems from age-related degenerative changes to intervertebral disc tissue. Growing evidence suggest that the change in phenotype of disc cells to a senescent phenotype may be one of the major driving forces of age-associated disc degeneration. This review discusses the known stressors that promote development of senescence in disc tissue and the underlying molecular mechanisms disc cells adopt to enable their transition to a senescent phenotype.”

Patil, P., Niedernhofer, L. J., Robbins, P. D., Lee, J., Sowa, G., & Vo, N. (2018). Cellular senescence in intervertebral disc aging and degeneration. Current molecular biology reports, 4(4), 180–190.

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